Work-in-progress Wednesday :: Sleeve Island

It’s not so much that I’m stuck on Sleeve Island as it is that I have been here longer than I’d like and I’m ready to be done. I find knitting sleeves so tedious once the body is done – both because it seems like I should be done with the sweater already and because I hate having the bulk of the body to deal with (i.e., continually turn and rearrange) while doing the small circumference knitting of the sleeves. But I need to just quit my whining and finish up already.

The Deuce, with cat

The Deuce, with cat

I am to the point of adding the stripes to the sleeve, then the ribbing, and then it’s on to the second sleeve. I would love to be done with this by the end of this coming weekend, because I am ready to move on to Spring things!

Work-In-Progress Wednesday

One of my favorite things about knitting is that, unlike life, you can always go back and fix your mistakes. So why do I always seem to let mistakes become such obstacles to completing projects? Just the fact of having to rip back and reknit can slow me down, sometimes for a few months, sometimes much longer.

I started this project in September 2012, worked on it steadily for a few weeks, discovered a major mistake in my execution of the lace pattern, and set it aside until … this month. A full 18 months later.

any guesses what I'm working on?

any guesses what I’m working on?

But now I’m cruising along and loving it, and I hope to complete this in just a few days. I’m kicking myself for not fixing my mess sooner. The pattern is so easy and straightforward, and the yarn (Socks that Rock Heavyweight) is always a pleasure to work with.

Because I’m trying to finish up this project, I’ve set aside another work-in-progress for now. My Through the Loops Mystery Socks are nearly done, but I realized after finishing the first one that I needed it to be about an inch shorter:

TTL Mystery Sock 2014

TTL Mystery Sock 2014

I still have to finish the gusset, foot, and toe on the second sock, then I’ll come back and rip out the toe of this sock and end the foot pattern an inch sooner. Do you think I can manage to get that done in less than 18 months?