For fall :: the perfect golden yellow

(In case I haven’t enthused about The Plucky Knitter enough already)
Things are getting autumnal up in here. #knitting #knittingoutside #autumn #yarn #thepluckyknitter #golden #yellow #hat #nofilter

I am test-knitting my own design. The first iteration was in handspun and came out exactly as I had imagined. I couldn’t resist giving it a whirl in one of my favorite Plucky bases, Plucky Rustic (an aran weight). I thought the gauge in the Rustic was the same(ish) as with the handspun, but I was wrong, and the hat turned out bigger and slouchier than I meant.

So. It’s a good thing I love this yarn, because I’m about to be reknitting the whole dang thing.

(like my project bag? I do, too! It’s a Schrodinger Original )

knitted :: Narragansett

ImageWell, hello there! It’s been awhile, but I’m still here and still knitting – and even finishing a project here and there. Today is my birthday, and in an effort to “start as you mean to go on,” I thought I’d start the year by blogging.

This knit is one that’s been in my queue for two years – another babycocktails winner: Narragansett. When Thea released this pattern in the spring of 2011, I instantly fell in love with it: top-down construction, easy raglan fit, sweet little cabled details, gorgeous neckline. The Plucky Knitter was selling kits for this knit, and I snatched one up in the pattern color, “Narragansett Gray.” (By the way, have you seen that TPK is celebrating her 6th anniversary with an Anniversary Update?) 

I finally cast on for the sweater at the beginning of April. It was a sweet knit, as I expected i would be. 

ImageKnit in The Plucky Knitter Merino Lite, in about 750 yards.

I made a stupid decision with this sweater, though. I cast on for a size 38 when I had intended to do a size 36 (for a little negative ease). When I realized my mistake, I decided to just go ahead and do the bust as a size 36 but leave the neckline in the size 38. I should’ve known better since the neckline is so wide already. More on that in a moment.

ImageEven with a wee bit of negative ease in the bust, the sweater itself fits comfortably without being slouchy. I wore it to work yesterday and was very happy with it. I got lots of compliments on it.


ImageMy husband really likes the neckline (I do, too!).

But the truth is, it bloomed in blocking far more than I expected. Everything fit *perfectly* before I blocked. The neckline was wide enough without falling off my shoulders. Then I blocked and it all came out huge! I was so disappointed. I crocheted a single chain around the inside of the neckline, which helped a little, but not nearly enough. A friend recommended that I spritz it and toss it in the dryer for a few minutes. I did that, and it did make a difference. I felt like it needed more, but I was afraid to dry it further for fear of how the dryer seemed to be roughing up the yarn.

Any suggestions? I’m wondering if I can somehow tack down the inside of the neckline in a couple of places. I would be interested in any advice anyone wants to offer!

ImageOther than that – which is my fault, not the pattern’s – I’m thrilled with this knit. Fast, fun, and imminently wearable, in a yarn I love and a color I *adore*.

ImageLove those cabled details!

I loved this babycocktails/thepluckyknitter match-up so much that I’ve already begun another (Cape Cod). It is zipping along and I hope to be showing it to you soon. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to getting a lot of wear out of this sweater.