A thing I do a little of every now and then

Several days ago, I showed you a work-in-progress, a handspun mitered cross square.

I always forget how utterly gratifying it is to make one of these squares. The handspun is some of my favorite I’ve made – Hello Yarn “Parritch” for the background and my first-ever combo spin, Hello Yarn “Pallid” plus FLUFF “Ripe Eggplant.” I have a deep, deep fondness for these handspun yarns – I was still a relatively new spinner when I made them, and for some reason that makes them all the more precious to me.

I started this project in the spring of 2011, but I’ve been in no great hurry to finish it. I realized recently that this may be because once I’m done, I won’t get to work with this sweet yarn again. By taking long breaks between each square, I can savor this project.

Handspun Mitered Cross Blanket-in-Progress

Handspun Mitered Cross Blanket-in-Progress

This is not the layout of the blanket, but it makes me happy just to put them on the floor in any random order and stare at them.

Only three more mitered cross squares to go, and then some half blocks of just the background, plus the i-cord border. But I’m in no hurry.