Knitting, the Internet, and Friendship

Last week, I went rummaging through my knitted accessory basket and found this cowl I made almost five years ago. I hadn’t worn it in awhile, and I was so happy to see it. I made it from yarn given to me by Heather, after a little contest she had run on her blog. I ended up making the same thing from the yarn as she had with the same yarn.

What fun to find this little green cowl, and be reminded of that little bit of blog fun from all those years ago. Heather’s my great pal now, and it all started because of knitting and the internet. It still amazes me that the combination of this ancient art and this relatively new technology can result in actual friendships across the miles.


Anyway, I felt all warm and fuzzy when I found this cowl, and I felt like I was wearing the warmth of the knitting community with me on a cold, grey day.