A Bit of Cheer in the Off-Season :: Crackerjack, Completed

It’s been a little more than three months since my beloved Detroit Tigers flamed out in the postseason. I was pretty sad, of course, (and all the more so when the Tigers chose not to sign Torii Hunter for one more season), but there’s no crying in baseball. Now a new season is on the horizon and hope springs eternal. Precisely one month from today, the pitchers and catchers report for spring training.

In the meantime, I have something cheerful and warm to wear:



It’s about time I finally showed you my completed Crackerjack!

As you may recall, this was a conceptual knitting project. Using a worksheet I created, I determined how many stitches to cast on, and then I knit two rounds per game. Blue for home wins, white for home losses, grey for road wins, and orange for road losses.


single loop


The finished product was a long infinity loop, the perfect size for wearing loose or wrapping double.

doubled up

doubled up

I knit mine in Stonehedge Fiber Mills Shepherd’s Wool Worsted (a Michigan yarn) (yes, I know I point that out every time I mention this yarn – it makes me happy!), on size 6 needles. Due to diligent swatching and calculating, it came out exactly the size I’d wanted (will wonders never cease?). It is 6 inches wide (12″ circumference, since it’s actually a tube) and 49 inches long.


It is soft, cozy, warm, and cheerful. I’m so happy with it!



Even though the Tigers didn’t make it to the World Series, they and a fantastic, winning season, and I am so thrilled to have my own wearable document of it.¬†And now I have something to wear not only in the off-season, but to one of their early season games, when it’s bound to still be chilly.


future’s so bright, gotta wear my shades

While the rest of the sports world is getting hype for the Super Bowl, I’m busy making plans for a different sort of Crackerjack for the 2015 MLB season. THIS IS GOING TO BE THE YEAR OF THE TIGER. Or at least the year I get another new Tigers-themed knit done.


Preparing for Crackerjack :: picking yarn

Thanks so much for all the Crackerjack love! It’s been so great to know there are so many knitting baseball fans out there, and it’s been exciting to hear from folks who think this concept is a fun idea! I can’t wait to see all the different iterations of this.

I’m working on a free downloadable worksheet for the project – a place to plug in all your calculations as well as keep a record of your color key. In the meantime, I know that lots of you are already busy picking yarn. As I mentioned, I’m going with my beloved Stonehedge Shepherd’s Mill Worsted (a Michigan yarn!), though I’m suddenly on the fence trying to decide between two different shades of orange.

Cathi, a Colorado Rockies fan, is thinking she’ll go with an aran weight, and she’s decided to use two different shades of grey (instead of one grey and one white). Here’s the key she made:

Colorado Rockies Crackerjack

Colorado Rockies Crackerjack

On the left you can see part of the pattern that would have been made by following last year’s record. I think her scarf is going to look so great – don’t you just love Colorado’s colors?

If you are planning to knit a Crackerjack, what yarn are you thinking? Have you figured out which color to use to show wins and losses, at home and away?

(And any Tigers fans want to give me a hint about what shade of orange you’re using? I’m quite torn between the bright orange I showed you on Thursday and a much subtler shade I have on-hand).