Flashback Friday :: the last kid sweater I made

When I showed you Tiny Dancer’s sweater last month, I included a look back at the last sweater I had made for him. I meant to do the same this week, when I showed you Little Buddha’s new sweater, but I forgot. So today here’s a wee look back at the last sweater I made for him:
Steggie, at last

I made this right before his fifth birthday, five years ago. So yeah, it’s been half his life since he’s had a hand knit sweater from me (it was even longer for Tiny Dancer). This sweater is Steggie, a brilliant pattern poorly executed in a terrible yarn choice.

Steggie, detail


When I look at these pictures, I can’t help but see what a terrible job I did, especially with installing the zipper. But mostly, it makes me nostalgic. He was still in preschool in these pics, and now he’s a tween.

I wonder if I can manage to make his next handknit sweater before college?