Some spinning > no spinning

My spinning goal for the year has been 14 pounds. So far this year, I have spun … 12 ounces. Oh well, some spinning is better than no spinning, right?

This is 4 ounces Hello Yarn Limited Edition American Wool Blend in “Ships and Whales and Icebergs,” (March 2013 Fiber Club) spun as a standard 2-ply, yielding 385 yards DKish- weight.

I split the fiber once vertically down the middle, spun the first half straight as it came onto one bobbin, and then tore the second half into smaller chunks horizontally (four of them, I think), and spun from different ends of those smaller chunks all onto a second bobbin, then plied the two bobbins together. The effect was some barber-poling and some color-matching.

Love that shot of blue!

I have no particular intentions for this yarn. I just wanted to spin it up. So I did.

Spinning ten minutes a day keeps the stress away

Isn’t that how the saying goes? Or something like that.

After spinning hardly at all this fall, I set a goal last week of spinning at least ten minutes a day. So far, I’d say it’s working out pretty well.


That’s Hello Yarn Falkland, “Spirograph,” the August 2013 Fiber Club fiber. I spun it up fast and fat using my slow whorl, and ended up with 352 yards of thick-and-thin singles (ranging from DK to bulky). I am very, very pleased with this yarn (shown here in shots from my phone, which didn’t fully capture the squishy glory of it).

For me, the fastest way to break a spinning hiatus is by making quick and fluffy singles.

Now I’m working on a standard two-ply. It’s going well, only here’s the thing. Ten minutes a day is really hard. Because once I’ve spun for ten minutes, I honestly just want to keep going and going….

a thing I did for a few minutes, several days ago (spoiler :: it’s spinning)


look at that red!!

look at that red!!

I was so excited to get this on the wheel and it was spinning up so quickly, and then I got interrupted by something, and another something, and another something, and I never got back to spin the second half of it. It’s killing me how little spinning I’ve done this fall, and this gorgeosity sits on the wheel just taunting me. But I am trying to work on a pair of knitting designs that are taking priority right now, as well as a list of must-knits a mile long (’tis the season, yes?).

Hello Yarn August 2013 Fiber Club, "Spirograph" on Falkland

Hello Yarn August 2013 Fiber Club, “Spirograph” on Falkland

The fiber is Hello Yarn August 2013 Fiber Club – “Spirograph” on Falkland (Falkland! One of my faves!). It is spinning up so fat and floofy. I love it so much.


What I need to do is just take spinning on as a daily discipline the way I have blogging, and just do it even a little bit a day. Ten minutes really shouldn’t be too much to muster, even with holiday knitting and design deadlines. Doesn’t that sound manageable? Of course, I don’t usually tend to do things the manageable way, so we’ll see how this works out.