slow-cooked for a chilly night :: Paleo Mocha-Rubbed Pot Roast

It is snowing here tonight and I wish this delicious hot meal were in my stomach but this was actually a week ago (and I am still thinking about it). (Sorry for a not-great picture; I was too hungry to take the time to get out my camera).

This is the recipe that led me to Stupid Easy Paleo. I went looking for “paleo pot roast” and this one had me at the word “mocha.” It is SO yummy, y’all. When I heated up leftovers a couple days later, I actually moaned as I ate it, and I said to My Old Man, “Wow, this is even better than I remembered,” and he said, “That’s funny, because you were making those same exact sounds the first time you ate it.” I guess it’s not very humble to make such noises over your own cooking, but I can’t help being honest, y’all.

I was out of the figs the recipe calls for (and couldn’t find them at my local grocery), so I substituted 1/3 cup dried cherries (worked out perfectly). Check out the original recipe here.

I served it with sauteed grated sweet potato (seasoned with Chinese 5-spice) and roasted brussel sprouts (O, brussel sprouts, you might be my favorite!!).

This recipe was a winner all the way around, and we will definitely be having it again. There is nothing like coming home on a dark, cold night to a hot pot of delicious roast.