Craft Friday

After three days of a house full, including 11 people for Thanksgiving dinner (and for dinner the night before), the house now feels strangely empty and quiet (even though there are still four of us here). As I mentioned earlier this week, I do not participate in the madness of Black Friday. I am fully onboard with PoMoGoLightly’s call for today to be Craft Friday. I have a ton of craft plans for December (natch) and the list has suddenly gotten much longer, with several family members requesting special handknit Christmas gifts. I’m happy that people want handknits and I’m going to do my best, but my first order of business is to finish a pair of sweaters for my kiddos.


This one is for Tiny Dancer and I’m pleased with how it’s turning out. I’m devoting Craft Friday to this (plus a little spinning), and I hope to finish it soon. What are the chances I can knit one for Little Buddha and still get all my Christmas knitting done?

And how about you? What are your Craft Friday plans?