Do Not Like

A broken hand is such a pain, y’all. And the pain from the broken bone is the least of it, actually. The worst of it is the discomfort of the splint, and how it limits me (especially with respect to knitting and typing, but also with respect to lifting weights, cooking, writing by hand, etc.). I had to go get fitted for a new splint today because of issues with numbness in my fingers and hand (the numbness has been kind of scary), and the new splint seems even more uncomfortable than the old one.┬áHand shenanigans also conspired against my previously planned post for today. I hope to be back tomorrow with a finished knit to show you.

In the meantime, I’m giving the broken hand experience a big old thumbs-down.

It’s a Pity Party, and You’re Invited!

It’s broken.

I’m pretty bummed out about it.

(Broken hamate, wearing a splint 23.5 hours a day for the next four weeks. I’ll write more later.)