Advent Activity Calendar

Every year, starting in 2009 when my twin sons were in kindergarten, I have done an Advent Activity Calendar. Instead of putting candy into each day, I put a little slip of paper with a family activity on it. I photo documented every day of that first Advent doing this, and you can find it all on flickr.
Advent 2009

I was super-glad the next year that I had kept this log, because it helped me remember what worked and what didn’t. We’ve continued this tradition, which the boys now rely on, and I’ve documented it in varying degrees from year-to-year. Most of our activities can be found on this blog in the category of Advent Activity Calendar. Or click the links below:

Advent Activity Calendar 2010 (on flickr) (you can also find each activity blogged by day in the blog archives for December 2010

Advent Activity Calendar 2011 – I didn’t manage to fully document this one.

Advent Calendar 2012

In 2012, I finally achieved a goal I’d had for years – I knit our Advent Calendar. Now I can simply reuse this one from year-to-year, which makes me super-happy.

knitted :: Smitten Advent Garland

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