On a Day Like Today

It’s July 8th. Those of us in the United States went to bed with more bad news last night (or woke up to it this morning). This week has been a swirl of difficult news in our country. Earlier this week, I had planned to break my unintentional 6-month blogging hiatus by showing you a new finished craft project of mine. But that felt weird once bad news started breaking and kept breaking.

But it’s July 8th now. And I can’t let this day pass without taking a moment to acknowledge that for my family, this day will always signify a day of miracle, celebration, and gratitude. Because nine years ago today, our then 3 year-old son was rescued from a sand hole collapse.

I note this anniversary every year, partly in celebration and gratitude, and partly to spread awareness of  this kind of accident and how to prevent it. And I am so grateful to those of you who continue to help spread the word. Just this week, another three year-old miraculously survived the same kind of sand hole collapse. I have written up my tips for sand safety here, and you can see all sand hole posts by clicking on the category “sand hole collapse.”

For today, though, I just wanted to bear witness to life, and love, and hope – and the kindness of strangers. It was a stranger who saved our son’s life that day (though she is no longer a stranger); we owe her an eternal debt to Erika Weiland. It was Erika and other strangers who helped rescue our child. And many thousands of strangers have helped share our story, in hopes of preventing tragedy for other families. Strangers who show kindness, who share compassion, really do change lives. And in changing lives, we change the world.

On a day like today, in a week like this week, the bad stuff seems to overshadow and overwhelm all the good. On a day like today, in a week like this week, I commit myself again to not only seeing the good, and celebrating the good, and sharing the good, and saying the good – but trying to be the good in the world. I am one person, but I can make a difference. What happened for our family on the beach nine years ago reminds me again and again the powerful and life-changing difference one person can make.

It is July 8th, and I am ready to change the world with goodness, and kindness, and love.


Our boys, nine years after our miracle


3 thoughts on “On a Day Like Today

  1. I saw that news story a day or two ago and immediately thought of you and your family. So glad to see someone celebrating life and love this day.

  2. Ah, it’s nice to have something to smile about during sad times. Love this pic of the three of you. They’re so grown up!

  3. I have to commend you for your continuous advocacy on sand hole collapse awareness, you are a godsend. I only wish that more safety measures were in place to alert beach goers of this potential danger, especially during the summer.You were fortunate that angels where looking out for your son, however there are many that are not so lucky and mothers like my sister are left with a void that cannot be filled.

    When I came across your blog back in 2014 I had mixed emotions, happiness yes and grief, I felt your horror ten fold. On July 21st my nephew Adam Pye, age 26 was buried when his hole collapsed trapping him for 30 minutes. There was a crowd of strangers that day who without hesitation dug feverishly along with first responders to rescue him. Unfortunately they couldn’t get to him in time and he suffocated, a tragedy that we never imagined could happen.

    In 10 days it will be two years since we lost Adam, a day my sister and our family will have to relive all over again but we’ll also celebrate his life and accomplishments with love. You have an anniversary to be thankful for indeed, cherish every moment and hug your son in remembrance of all sand hole collapse victims and their families.

    I can’t thank you enough for your diligence to educate your readers on sand hole collapse, sharing your story as well as providing safety tips is a great way to spread the word. I too post awareness articles on my Facebook page as well as on “Remembering Adam Jay Pye” Facebook page.


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