A Note to My Critics: You May Be Right

The story goes that Somerset Maugham, upon receiving a letter of searing criticism, took out his pen and simply wrote back: You may be right. 

I typically give more of a response than that. But with everything else I’m grappling with right now – a broken hand, staggering grief, mothering my middle schoolers, a full-time vocation, writing my doctoral dissertation (not to mention getting ready to host Thanksgiving!) – I can’t spend any more time on this. I did update yesterday’s blog post to give a little more response as well as to edit out some of the language I used that could perhaps be perceived as inflammatory, accusatory, or unfair. Beyond that, all I can say to those who responded negatively to my post is: You may be right.

I am open to learning, to being challenged, and to being pushed to think beyond my own point of view. I am not open, at least not on my own blog, to being belittled or harassed. You may be right, but I’m done responding.

To the rest of you, thank you for your ongoing kindness and support.