Trying my hand at something different

I decided to see if I’m able to crochet with a splinted broken hand and it turns out I am! It’s not graceful or smooth or fast – which is to say, it’s not much different from how I crochet when I’m not injured!

First I tried an idea I’ve had for awhile, to crochet a cowl out of this handspun:

Turns out the stitch I have in mind for this project is just too fiddly for managing with a splint. So instead, I started a project I’ve had my eye on for more than a year:

Sunday Shawl by The Little Bee. I’m pretty excited about this project, and it’s always amazing to me to see how fast crochet grows.

I miss knitting terribly,  but I’ll admit that it’s good to be forced out of one’s natural preferences from time to time. How about you? Have you ever been forced, compelled, or inspired to work outside your crafty comfort zone?

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