The Best Part

In your opinion, what is the best part of knitting? Is it the planning – considering patterns, comparing yarn options, making purchases, making a decision? Is it the start? Is it the soothing nature of picking up something you’ve been working on for awhile? Is it the renewed energy and commitment that come from picking up an old project out of hibernation? Is it the ability to fix almost any mistake you’ve made (unlike real life)? Is it the finish? The blocking? The wearing? The gifting?

I love them all. But today I think the best part might be casting on.


Handspun Southern Cross Fibre South African Superfine, “Nobby”

This will become a hat, and it’s long overdue for its recipient, but now I have cast on, and the new beginning has been begun. And it feels good.

7 thoughts on “The Best Part

  1. The best part for me is watching the pattern unfold. Always a bit unwieldy in the beginning, as a pattern reveals itself and the repeats take hold I love how the garment, whether a sock, a hat, or a sweater, takes shape. It’s creation and creative and delightful.

  2. The best part is everything! Seriously, though, I think I like it best when I’m trucking along in a project, far enough in to know it’s going well but far enough from the end I don’t have to think about what to cast on next. I find blocking pretty satisfying as well.

  3. I like the planning and acquiring, the process itself (mostly), and finishing it up. Of all the things I have made over the years I truly love about 4 things. Others are fine, but are trial and errors as I’ve learned what I really wear and feel comfortable in. It’s been an interesting year of evaluating my knitting (move from office to at-home work, realizing I wear more pullovers, and like tight-fitting hats, etc.). I am usually drawn to more complicated patterns or ones with fun techniques, but this new set of parameters makes selection even easier.

  4. I have a hard time saying what part is my favorite, it may be just the way knitting gives me something productive to do with my hands, and somewhere to channel my energy, when I’m sitting around. It’s a good question! I especially love the “in the home stretch ” part of being almost done knitting a piece. So satisfying.

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