Oh, wait, it’s Advent again?

So Advent has snuck up on me, y’all. Which is kind of hilarious and kind of ridiculous, given my line of work. At work, I’ve been seeing Advent coming for awhile, but at home, I’ve been focused on Thanksgiving preparations (it was such a good holiday this year! I hope yours was, too!) and somehow overlooked the fact that I needed to get our Advent calendar up. Like, tonight.

I started a tradition when my kids were in kindergarten, of an Advent Activity Calendar – each day of the calendar held a slip of paper with a family activity for that day. It was a sweet idea, and the kids loved it. But let me tell you, the expectations have ramped up each year – the boys expect new activities. They like to be surprised. In other words, I can’t keep rehashing the same old ideas. But I am tired, y’all, and I don’t have any new ideas. I barely even have the energy to do the old ideas. Also, older elementary school kids have a lot more going on than kindergarteners do, and it’s a lot harder to fit special family activities in. But Tiny Dancer got out of bed tonight to ask me why the Advent calendar wasn’t up yet, and I realized that yeah, I need to get to work.

All of this reminds me to make sure you know that I have documented (somewhat) my previous attempts at this activity, so if you are tired and out of ideas, you can see what I’ve done in the past. And hey, if you have any great ideas of things I haven’t done, shoot them to me, okay? Because I have to fill 24 little mittens with ideas, and right now I have approximately two.

Smitten Advent Garland

Smitten Advent Garland

4 thoughts on “Oh, wait, it’s Advent again?

  1. I was wondering if you still did this activity calender, since I got the idea from you to do the same with our family. My kids LOVE it! My oldest, 12, has been so excited for this to start. She’s an organizer, so she’s pulled together lots of ideas, although sorting them into available time slots in the calendar is another thing. Her ideas:

    Make some ornaments for the tree
    Pick out the tree
    Go back and cut down the tree
    Put up and decorate the tree
    Have picnic under the tree
    Sleep overnight under the tree
    Prepare gifts for teachers, neighbors, etc.
    Make cookies
    Go to craft fair
    Go to toy store/church/other to get tag off charity gift tree
    Attend Christmas parade
    Attend Christmas play or concert
    Make gingerbread house
    Write letters to Santa
    Prepare package of gifts and holiday goodies to mail to family member(s)
    Prepare bird treats (peanut butter balls with seeds, or suet or whatever) to hang outside
    Make fudge
    Decorate mantel piece with Christmas decorations
    Hang Advent calender
    Put on PJs and drink hot chocolate with peppermint stick in it
    Wear PJs to drive to see Christmas lights
    Make paper snowflakes
    Hang in the entrance hallway strands of crocheted snowflakes, paper cut snowflakes and quilled snowflakes (accumulated over the years)
    Make Christmas crafts (we’re making origami boxes this year)
    Make dough ornaments
    Paint porcelain ornaments (purchased from craft store)
    Pull out Christmas books and do first reading(s) in PJs by the fireplace in the living room
    Make gingerbread

    You’ve given me several ideas over the years. I look forward to seeing your activities, too!

  2. I’m still doing mine every year after seeing yours years ago. The kids always remind me on November 30 since I’m always running late with it. Some different ones I have added over the years are Eat out breakfast on way to school, make pizza from scratch, listen to Christmas music while reading in front of fireplace, camp out in front of tree all night, and backwards day (breakfast at dinner, dinner food for breakfast). Each year I want to knit the mittens, but I don’t remember until Thanksgiving!

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