Hunkering Down

My denial about the polar vortex is officially over.


mid-November, really?

The little red exclamation point is letting me know that we might get 4 inches of snow tonight and the wind chill might drop below zero.

So basically, if you need me this winter, I’m going to be right here:


Not a bad way to spend the winter, amiright?

6 thoughts on “Hunkering Down

  1. Now I see what it should have looked like at my house last week when we we were below zero without the windchill. Although currently we would need a rent-a-cat for the full effect.

  2. I’m still in denial (and also in Iowa). I am convinced that this cold snap is temporary and it will be up to 50 again the first week of December. Please don’t kill my dream!

  3. I just picked up some more tea at the store this morning. Blustery in Chicago 😦 One of these evenings I will curl up with the tea and knitting…just too many commitments are being added each evening lately. Maybe next week when school is out.

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