Friday Round-up: Works-in Progress

I will not deny that I have a little attention deficit issue going on right now. I have three compelling projects, and it’s difficult to decide which one to attend to most.

Option 1: finish the sweater

Reis Yoke

Reis Yoke

(I am very, very close to done)

Option 2: keep working on the shawl

Pi Shawl

Handspun Pi Shawl

(it has now reached the unidentifiable blob stage)

Option 3: finish this test-knit, which I cast on last night:

handspun colorwork mitten

handspun colorwork mitten

(can I just say how much I absolutely adore this pattern? It is everything I expect from Kirsten, who always creates beautiful designs written with clear, straightforward directions.)

Option 4: keep bouncing between all three projects, while my brain, head, and heart all hum with happiness.

(I’m sure you can guess which option I’m choosing.)

6 thoughts on “Friday Round-up: Works-in Progress

  1. This happens to me every single year before Christmas. As if I don’t have enough to do otherwise, I go nuts with planning creative sewing and crafty projects. (PLEASE don’t teach me to knit. That would only making things worse!)

  2. It would have to be ALL. THE. THINGS!!! How can you choose which one, they are all so lovely. I get to choose between; llama hat, elf hat, elf hat. Yeah, I’m not that thrilled either.

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  4. Hi! It’s my first visit to your blog (saw it on Ravelry). It’s very nice!
    I sometimes have one project for car/commute/playground and one to do at home. But right now I’m finishing a scarf as fast as I can so that I can start my very warm pi shawl. It seems like you’ve done it before, right? How do you like it?

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