Mornings Are My Favorite

Even on Mondays.

all my favorite things at once

all my favorite things at once

I get up early so I can do all the things I love:

  • read (this morning I was old-schooling it with a printed magazine – my favorite, and the only one I get in print anymore The Week)
  • do a crossword puzzle on my NYT Crossword app (not shown here but represented by my crossword jammies #nerd)
  • drink coffee
  • hang out with the cats
  • knit (to state the perfectly obvious)

Not shown: spinning (very brief hiatus right now, while I knit All The Things and also figure out what goes on the wheel next), Spanish practice (on my Duolingo app), and prayer. Also not shown is what comes next: all the chaos of getting kids ready for school, getting myself ready for work, and tending to our menagerie. But I find if I can get even a few minutes of time at the beginning of the day to start with all the things that make me feel centered, grounded, and content, then the crush of everything that comes next is a little less daunting. My only regret is that, while I can read and knit at the same time, and read and drink coffee at the same time, I cannot drink coffee without putting my knitting down (and vice versa).

I hope your Monday morning includes some of the things that give you joy!

7 thoughts on “Mornings Are My Favorite

  1. You need one of those joke hats you see for cans of beer with a tube running round to the mouth – thermos cup with a straw connecting to the straw/tube of the hat and Bob’s your uncle. LOL

  2. I love your morning ritual! Mine is very similar except that after I get grandkids off to school, I get to come back home and make it an extended morning ritual if I choose. Usually I don’t though…at some point, I have to get dressed! 🙂

  3. I used to get The Week before I had kids and loved it! I was in Michigan last week for a few days and it was a different time zone than Chicago, so now I’m waking up earlier. I should try to keep it up and sneak knitting time in like you are doing. I’m a crossword geek too – checking out the app 🙂

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