What I’m loving now :: Splityarn Biggie Box Bag

Really, there is hardly anything to say except: THIS BOX BAG!!! I LOVE IT!!! IT IS PERFECT!!! EVERYTHING I’VE ALWAYS WANTED (in a box bag)!!! WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG!!! I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS BOX BAG!!! Etc. As you can see, there isn’t much to say.

Splityarn Biggie Box Bag

Splityarn Biggie Box Bag

I have loved my Splityarn goodies for a long time. My very first purchase from Caro’s shop, maybe six years ago, was a robot-themed camera strap.
365.307 - omg! robots!

Since then, I have accumulated two regular-sized box bags (which I use as project bags for such things as cowls, scarves, socks, and shawls), one long pouch (perfect for dpns, crochet hooks, and needle tips), and one wee little pouch (where I keep all my stitch markers). I absolutely adore everything I’ve ever bought from Caro – her workmanship is top-notch and her fabric picks are always swoon-worthy.

I’ve been intrigued by her Biggie Box Bags ever since she started making them. A sweater-sized project bag? Yes, please. With a great box structure and a sweet little handle for carrying? Sounds perfect. I’m here to tell you that it is, in fact, as perfect as it sounds.

sweater-makings inside

sweater-makings inside

I ordered the bag weekend before last, and it arrived in a flash. At first, all I could do was admire it. I took it out and set it on my desk and let it stay that way for a couple of days. It was Just! So! Pretty! But over this past weekend, I did finally put it to use. I put my Autumn Reis, along with several balls of yarn, in it. Perfect fit, plus I feel so organized with all my sweater-makings so tidy.

What’s more, even though the bag fits an entire sweater-in-progress plus yarn, it isn’t so ginormous that I can’t carry it around wherever I need to go.

with hand, for scale

with hand, for scale

Getting to use this gorgeous bag is actually helping with my motivation to keep working on my sweater, even though I have felt a bit bogged down and discouraged with it. In other words, the Biggie Box Bag is magical, y’all.

5 thoughts on “What I’m loving now :: Splityarn Biggie Box Bag

  1. Yay! Yay! Yay! I’m so delighted you like it. Of all the bags I make, this is my favourite size. Every time I think I have enough, I steal one more from the shop stash. Ha!

  2. I wanted one of her camera straps years ago when I first saw them – I need to put it on my Christmas list this year. Thanks for the reminder 😉

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