A thing I used to do quite a bit (Vinyasa yoga)

uttanasana - forward fold

uttanasana – forward fold

Several things in my life seem to have shifted over the last year or so, and that includes in the realm of physical activity. For a number of years, I considered “runner” part of my core identity. Even when I was injured and couldn’t run, I still thought of myself as a runner and was steadily rehabbing to make my way back. Last winter, when I discovered I was dealing with a particularly persistent injury, I decided to take a different approach, and, in the words of everyone’s favorite Frozen song, let it go.

I’m not saying I’m never going to run again and I’m not saying I’m not going to be a runner again, I’m just saying that I decided to quit holding onto that desire/hope/identity/wish/reality so hard. I chose to see my injury as an invitation, an opportunity to step into a different way of being and see what came of it. Some day soonish, I’ll talk more about this, including telling you more about what I’ve been doing instead.

In the meantime, there is this. I had something happen this weekend that served as another new invitation, and, unlike an injury, it was totally welcome – and exciting. I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, when I spied this pic in Lolly’s feed:


I was immediately captivated and totally IN. I used to have a regular practice of Vinyasa yoga at a local studio here in Ann Arbor. I love the studio and love my teacher, but I got to a point, work-wise and life-wise, where I just couldn’t fit in classes anymore. I thought maybe I could keep up on my own, but I haven’t. At this point, it’s been about a year and a half since I have practiced. But it is calling to me now, and seems an especially good thing to supplement my other current physical practices (as well as my other spiritual practices). This challenge seems a perfect opportunity to bring yoga back into my life. I love that the focus of the challenge is on alignment. I love the gentle direction of the hosts. I love the push to just practice yoga wherever, whenever, and however I can fit it into my sometimes-chaotic life.

This is a picture I took a little more than six years ago, practicing Balasana, or Child’s Pose.

Yoga Baby

This weekend, I feel like a beginner again, at least when it comes to yoga. I am embracing my beginner identity, settling into my child’s pose, and prepared to see where this daily practice takes me.

I don’t expect I’ll be posting much about this over here on the blog, but if you’d like to follow along, you can find me on Instagram as earthchicknits – and join in, if you’re interested!

p.s. If anyone wants to recommend some great yoga leggings or pants, I’m interested! All my yoga gear is feeling kind of old and outdated. I have a fat gift card from Amazon waiting to be spent, so if I can purchase them there, all the better. But I’m not limited to that, so hit me with your best recommendations!


4 thoughts on “A thing I used to do quite a bit (Vinyasa yoga)

  1. How does the challenge work? Just one pose per day? I lucked into some solo yoga classes recently in which the teacher put together a great home routine for me. I try to do it twice a day. Make it to class 1-2x per week. So the home practice is a lifesaver. May this challenge be a blessing to you!

    • Oh your practice sounds great!

      So the November Yoga Challenge is just one pose a day. It’s “hosted” by four different yoga teachers, each of whom also post a picture of themselves doing the pose and offering tips for finding the proper alignment. It’s really great and helpful to read each of their different perspectives on the poses.

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