Crackerjack :: all done but the weaving, the wearing, … and the winning

After getting three months behind in my Crackerjack, I managed to finish up this week, just two days after the baseball season ended. I could not be more pleased with how it has turned out!

2014 Detroit Tigers Crackerjack

2014 Detroit Tigers Crackerjack

What I do regret, however, is that I didn’t make myself weave in the ends as I went along. Oy! There are so many ends y’all! I wish I had gotten a picture to show you of the scarf guts. I started weaving them in last night, but I think I still have about a hundred to go. Guess I know what I’ll be doing during Game 1 of the ALDS tonight!

I’m super-excited that my team has made it to the postseason! I briefly considered continuing to knit my Crackerjack through the playoffs, but it is right now the perfect length, so I’m calling it done. After I finish weaving in the ends, I’ll unzip the provisional cast-on, join the ends of the tube, and maybe do a very light spritz blocking (I’m hesitant to do a full washed block for fear the orange might bleed onto the white). I hope to have full finished shots to show you soon!

Let’s go Tigers!!!

7 thoughts on “Crackerjack :: all done but the weaving, the wearing, … and the winning

  1. This project has been such a pleasure! Thank you for having the idea and sharing it. I am going on into the playoffs, because mine could use a bit more length. I agree about the ends!

  2. It looks great! In one of the hockey communities on ravelry, we’re doing a crackerjack KAL/CAL for the upcoming hockey season. 🙂 good luck in the playoffs.

  3. Hmm…do you really think the ends need to be woven in before grafting the ends together? (maybe not the best time to ask that, but I haven’t grafted mine yet and I am wondering if I’m making a big mistake by not weaving in the ends!)

  4. Or if you know how to crcoeht. Use a the crcoeht cast on method, and use a crcoeht hook about 2 or 3 times larger. My preferred method of casting on is the crcoeht cast on. Than my beginning edge looks like my cast of edge.

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