Septober Knitting :: Crackerjack

It’s Septober, y’all, and the race between the Tigers and the Royals is on. I’ve been watching lots of baseball, dreaming October dreams, and…

Crackerjack, with cat for scale

Tigers Crackerjack, with tiger cat for scale

… knitting on my Crackerjack!

After a 3-month hiatus, I finally cranked into gear, and I’ve now made it through August 11. I’m getting ready to leave the country for a few days, but there will still be a few days left of baseball season when I return, and I’m feeling a little more confident that I’m going to finish this project right when the regular season finishes up. And I’m feeling sooooo hopeful about the Tigers/Royals match-up this weekend. Let’s go, kitties!


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