Knitting momentum, interrupted

As I’ve mentioned, I started my handspun Mitered Cross blanket three years ago, and I’ve proceeded at an obviously leisurely pace. I’ve enjoyed knitting a square here and there over the years.

But now that I’m so close to finished with the ten crosses, I find I’m eager to keep going. On Saturday, I finished the eighth square:

I love it so much.

As I always do when I finish a block, I had to lay all finished blocks put on the floor and admire them together.


With two blocks to go, I became concerned that I was going to run out of the cross color – a combo spin of Hello Yarn “Pallid” and FLUFF “Ripe Eggplant.” But then on Sunday night, I discovered a whole little skein of it that I had overlooked – plenty to finish two more blocks. Yay!

I started block nine that night, but then this happened:

… I ran out of the background yarn. Thankfully, I have plenty of the unspun fiber (Hello Yarn “Parritch”) in my stash. A couple of years ago, I became convinced that I didn’t have enough, and two or three kind spinners destashed to me.

So now I need to quit knitting and get to spinning, if I want to finish this project anytime soon. Which I do!

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