Crackerjack :: free downloadable worksheet



All right, y’all. Things are getting real up in here! I’ve got the downloadable worksheet already to go for you on Ravelry – you can check it out here (that link will directly download it). If you want to read more about this concept, you can check out my original explanation here.

The downloadable worksheet includes a color key to fill in with your team’s colors coded to wins, losses, home, and away. There is also a chart for you to plug in your gauge numbers and figure out your calculations for cast on and estimated length. I don’t actually do the math for you – you’re smart! you can do that part yourself! – but I do try to help you figure it all out. I’m happy to answer any questions if there are things that are confusing.

When I first had this idea, I didn’t realize how many teams had red, white, and blue as their colors! We are going to look like a very patriotic bunch!

I think I have sorted out my color conundrum (I had become undecided between “Creamsicle” – a light heather orange – and “Orange” – a brighter, truer orange), and I’ve gotten my gauge swatch done. Now I am going to wind the rest of my yarn and count the days till next Monday. I’m looking forward to cheering and knitting along with the rest of you!


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