Preparing for Crackerjack :: picking yarn

Thanks so much for all the Crackerjack love! It’s been so great to know there are so many knitting baseball fans out there, and it’s been exciting to hear from folks who think this concept is a fun idea! I can’t wait to see all the different iterations of this.

I’m working on a free downloadable worksheet for the project – a place to plug in all your calculations as well as keep a record of your color key. In the meantime, I know that lots of you are already busy picking yarn. As I mentioned, I’m going with my beloved Stonehedge Shepherd’s Mill Worsted (a Michigan yarn!), though I’m suddenly on the fence trying to decide between two different shades of orange.

Cathi, a Colorado Rockies fan, is thinking she’ll go with an aran weight, and she’s decided to use two different shades of grey (instead of one grey and one white). Here’s the key she made:

Colorado Rockies Crackerjack

Colorado Rockies Crackerjack

On the left you can see part of the pattern that would have been made by following last year’s record. I think her scarf is going to look so great – don’t you just love Colorado’s colors?

If you are planning to knit a Crackerjack, what yarn are you thinking? Have you figured out which color to use to show wins and losses, at home and away?

(And any Tigers fans want to give me a hint about what shade of orange you’re using? I’m quite torn between the bright orange I showed you on Thursday and a much subtler shade I have on-hand).

12 thoughts on “Preparing for Crackerjack :: picking yarn

  1. I’d love to take part, but I’m on a yarn diet and have no gold or green (my team is Oakland, as you probably know from my Facebook posts last season). Maybe I can work out a trade on Ravelry… but I have to figure out which yarn I want to do… maybe DK?

  2. Ach, I am wild with envy. I just don’t have a team to which I am that loyal. We like the Nationals, and the Orioles, but someone grew up rooting for the Yankees…and it all feels very complicated. If I had to choose, it would be the Nats, since we even have a cat named after Bryce Harper. But the trouble with the Nationals is there is no way not to look like a flag. Their colors are definitely red, white and blue, with the grey on for away games. Sad face here.

    • Aww, sad face here, too! It’s funny how many teams have red, white, and blue as their colors! But maybe you could omit one of the colors – maybe do red for home wins, blue for road wins, and grey for all losses? Just a thought. I know a lot of people will be in similar positions with their team colors and wanting not to look like a flag!

  3. I’m a Tampa Bay Rays fan living in Alaska and I absolutely LOVE this idea. I’ve got my yarn selected (Cascade 220 from my LYS): Navy, Columbia Blue, Gold and White. I think I’m going with the Columbia Blue for a home win; Gold for an away win; White for a home loss and Navy for an away loss. I want to be optimistic about my team winning so I’ve chosen the “brighter” colors for the wins. I hope that doesn’t backfire on me! I’ve made a spreadsheet to track the season. This is going to be fun. Thanks for thinking of this!

    • Yay!! I’m also being optimistic and am choosing my favorite two of the four colors for the wins, hoping to have more of those colors than of the others. Your colors sound so pretty!! Can’t wait to see it.

  4. Another Rockies fan here. A couple of years ago I bought some Socks That Rock in a purple and a black to make a shawl or ‘something’ while watching. I guess that ‘something’ is going to be a infinity scarf now. I think I’m going to just go with ‘win’ and ‘loss’ to stick to the yarn budget/moratorium. Although I’ve been peeking at some greys (white can be hard to find darn it). Now I’m really eager for Opening Day!

  5. I love this idea! I’m a Tiger fan living in Utah, so my colors will be a lot like yours. I think I may purl on losing days

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