Fashion Friday :: Stitch Fix Review #8, opinions please?

My eighth Stitch Fix* box arrived on Wednesday night, just as I was leaving for a meeting. I tore into it anyway, just to get a glimpse of what awaited me when I got home, and I liked what I saw. I’ve been trying this service out for nearly a year now, and I never fail to get excited when that box arrives!

So now here we are, at my eighth Stitch Fix review. If you’d like to read previous reviews, you can check them out here:

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In some ways, this box was easy, because sizing and pricing made some of my decisions for me. Actually, regarding pricing, I have to say I was overall super-happy with the pricing in this box. I found the prices very reasonable for most of the pieces I received; the best total price I think I’ve seen (or close to it).

I was most excited to see that I’d been sent another pair of skinny jeans. Last fall, I got some skinny jeans that I fell in love with, but they were both too tight and too spendy. This time, the price was perfect, but the fit was too loose. This isn’t a problem I’ve ever had with Stitch Fix pieces, as the opposite has tended to be the case, even though everything I’ve been sent has been technically my size. Anyway, I love the jeans they sent, but they’re too big in the waist.


I’m obviously not even sucking my stomach in (the way I would normally do if I were showing you a shot of my tummy), and there’s still too much of a gap there, especially for skinny jeans. They’re also a little baggy in places in the legs. The price is so right, though, so it’s a real shame. However! I think I have located these jeans, or some that are very similar, online elsewhere – the first time I’ve successfully done this with a Stitch Fix piece – so it looks like I’m going to be able to try these one size down. I’ll report back!

The next piece had the opposite problem – too small!



(You can also see in this picture how baggy the jeans are in a few places – wouldn’t be a problem for normal jeans, but not the right look for skinny jeans). I love these polka dots, but the top is overall a bit small and the sleeves in particular are too tight for comfort. I don’t know if you can tell, but there are two zippers on the front (outlined in red) – a cute idea, but unless they are unzipped (which I would never, ever do), they create some weird lumps because of the stiffness of the zippers.

The next piece I would’ve kept, except for the price.

silver necklace

silver necklace

This is very much my style, and I think it’s really cute. But it’s $48, and it just doesn’t seem worth that to me. I know I always sound cheap about jewelry, but I’m just really particular about what I spend my money on in that department.

So those three pieces were easy to decide about. The next one I was initially on the fence about. It’s a 3/4-sleeve navy cardigan, and I totally love it, but I was afraid that it, too, was too tight.

navy cardi

navy cardi

It seemed the buttons were straining a bit – and that’s a look I really dislike. However, the more I have tried it on, the less it has done that, because the sweater is stretchy. I tried it on first without anything else on under it (since I was afraid that something under it would make the buttons strain even more).

But then I paired it with a dress I received in my very first Fix:

with chili pepper red dress

with chili pepper red dress

And YES, this is a definite keeper. This cardigan makes this sleeveless, plunging neck dress totally work appropriate, don’t you think?

I like the cardi open, too (though not for work when paired with this dress):

with cardi open

with cardi open

I think it’s going to be a perfect layering piece for spring and summer, plus it’s only $38. Perfect! Yay!

So that’s three I’m sending back, one I’m definitely keeping, and one more I’m on the fence about. It’s this lightweight sweater:


I love the feel of it – it’s very lightweight and soft, a nice transitional piece (which I am always in need of at this time of year). The teal is very pretty (up close, it’s actually blue, white, and yellow):


The lighting is off in this photo, but it gives you an idea of the stitching. The seams along the edge of the sleeves and the body are raised, and I like the cabled raglan detail as well.


I’m just not sure it’s all that flattering, and I try really hard not to buy things unless I’m going to feel great in them. So it’s a tough call, and I know it’s hard to tell much from the pictures, but if anyone has any opinions about it, I’m interested. Especially if you have ideas about styling. I could just consider it Saturday knock-around-the-house wear, but it’s a bit pricey for that – I only want to keep it if it’s something I would wear, to work or elsewhere.

Stitch Fix #8

Stitch Fix #8

*Stitch Fix is a personal shopping/styling service – you fill out a style questionnaire on their site so that they get a sense of your “style profile.” Then you pay a $20 “styling fee” and they hand-pick five items for you, based on your preferences. They ship the box to you, you try everything on, and then you select what, if anything, you want to keep; the $20 styling fee goes toward the cost of anything you choose. If you don’t want to keep anything, you ship everything back in the package provided (they keep the $20 styling fee). If you decide to keep everything, you get a 25% discount (minus the $20 you already paid them). I do not receive any compensation from them for reviewing my experience with them.

But I *do* get a credit towards my next Fix if you schedule a Fix for yourself via my referral link: here. If you have questions about how it works, you can see their FAQ here – and I am more than happy to answer any questions based on my experience, too.


19 thoughts on “Fashion Friday :: Stitch Fix Review #8, opinions please?

    • It’s a great service – I’ve had a lot of fun with it! I do love the necklace but can’t see spending $48 on something unless it’s sterling silver. If it had been half that, I definitely would have kept it!

  1. Personally I’m not a fan of feathered/preworn in look jeans, it’s like arrows to pointing at your crotch. I think the blue sweater is a little big in the underarm area? I do really like the the blue cardigan and it looks like it would be really versatile.

    • I think you’re right that the blue sweater is a bit big in the underarm – something I frequently encounter in raglan-style sweaters, it seems. I think I’m going to keep it anyway.

      I wasn’t sure I was wild about the feathers/whiskers on the jeans either (though I don’t mind the preworn look in general). Do you have a favorite skinny jean that you would recommend? (that costs less than three figures)

  2. The sweater is a lovely shade but it is definitely a casual, baggy look. I would love to knit it but for some reason I wouldn’t buy it if it wasn’t on sale. But that’s me, I hate buying sweaters now. The shade is really pretty with your hair, though.

  3. When in doubt, send it back. Every time I am on the fence about whether I like something (whether in the store, or something I’ve knit) and I decide to go with it, I’m usually disappointed.
    That’s just what I think though!

    • I definitely think this is the rule of thumb I should follow in general – though in the end, I decided I liked this one enough to keep it. Wore it to work yesterday and loved it!

  4. Send back the teal sweater. It would be a possibility if the neckline was exciting, but it just looks like something you can pick up a local clothing store for probably less money. Just being honest! The blue cardi looks great and the price is nice.

  5. So, this probably isn’t helpful. The side view isn’t that flattering, but the front view is. However, it seems more like a knock around sweater. Try it on with an a-skirt and see if it looks work appropriate!

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