A Few Green Things

I’m giving a nod to St. Patrick’s Day today by both wearing green and knitting with it (and that will be pretty much the extent of my celebrations). Also, I’m ready for spring, and surrounding myself with green makes me feel hopeful that it might arrive one of these days.

I’m plugging away on Little Buddha’s Deuce.

The Deuce #2

The Deuce #2

That’s a pretty small amount of progress I’ve made, but I haven’t had a lot of time – the weekend seemed to go by in a flash!

I also pulled out an old project over the weekend. I’m looking longingly at it but trying not to pick it up and work on it, since Little Buddha has asked me to be knit-monogamous while I work on his sweater.

Cloud Bolero

Cloud Bolero

Ravelry tells me I cast on for this in the spring of 2010. Though I never even took one shot of the work-in-progress back then, I finished the body and had only the sleeves left to go before I set it aside. What happened was I decided I wanted it a bit longer, and that was going to involve undoing the picot bind-off – not my favorite thing to do in any circumstance, but I knew it would be made all the more difficult because it was single-ply handspun. I really, really want this sweater for this spring though, so I WILL make this happen. I’m posting this here to try to keep myself accountable.

Meanwhile, I’m wearing this handknit today:

Cape Cod

Cape Cod

I love this sweater so much. I originally envisioned it for cool summer nights but didn’t finish it until September. It has turned out to be perfect for fall and winter – and a very welcome splash of bright color in the dark, cold months. I especially love it paired with black.

And because it is still ridiculously cold here (it was in the low teens when I got dressed), I’m also wearing a super-cozy cowl with my toasty winter coat. This is a new free design I hope to be releasing later this week. It’s so super-squishy that it makes me not resent the endless winter quite so much.

Handspun Sprout

Handspun Sprout

How about you? Working with or wearing any green today? What did you work on this weekend?



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