Beginnings, and a Question :: The Deuce, #2


I cast on last night for Little Buddha’s sweater, in the yarn he picked out last fall. I showed him this morning, and the following discussion ensued:
LB: If you did nothing else but knit, on just that one project, for 24 hours straight, would you be able to finish that in a day?
Me: Yes.
LB: Then could you maybe not knit on any other projects until you finish my sweater?

Oh, my little boy does know me, doesn’t he? Monogamous knitting is not my strong suit, but how could I say no to such a sweet request?

3 thoughts on “Beginnings, and a Question :: The Deuce, #2

  1. My little boy (now 8) keeps checking in on a hat I’m working on for him because he’s anxious to wear it and of course in Wisconsin we have several weeks of hat-wearing weather left. It’s nice when they actually want to wear what you make!

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