Same sweater, different cat

I moved the sweater I was blocking this weekend up onto my cutting table so that my arthritic kitty couldn’t get to it, after I caught her making herself at home on the wet wool. The next time I walked by, I was treated to this:

Suki, on The Deuce

Who, me?

Thankfully, no yarn was (irreparably) harmed by their shenanigans. I did have to pull a couple of stitches back into proper place, but the sweater is fine.

Good things these gals are cute! (modeled shots of the sweater coming soon!)

9 thoughts on “Same sweater, different cat

  1. My kitten now almost a year pulled out a whole row of blocking pins and left them neatly on the blocking mat Not sure how she did that! So now it will be the guest room for me too!

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