On the blocking mats :: Hap Blanket + The Deuce

I’m not sure which is more thrilling – casting on for a new project or finishing an old one. Casting on comes with all the excitement of planning a project, picking colors and yarn, imagining the finished product, and watching the first stitches come into being. Finishing a project, assuming it turns out right, is simply and immensely satisfying, especially if the finish has taken awhile. And to me, that satisfaction isn’t complete until the project has been blocked.

Hap, in the suds

Hap, in the suds

This weekend, I blocked two projects that both took awhile to finish. First up was my Hap Blanket, begun in September 2012. I am very, very happy with how this has turned out and I’m looking forward to showing it to you. As soon as I finished it, I began envisioning the next one – a sure sign of a satisfying knit.

The Deuce, on the mats

The Deuce, on the mats

I also finally got Tiny Dancer’s sweater blocked. It’s still drying, with occasional help:

are you kidding me?

are you kidding me?

This cat, y’all! She won’t stay off the wet wool. And of course when I drag her off, she digs her claws in wherever convenient. She doesn’t even have the decency to look ashamed.

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