A color combo I love : purple+gold



I wear it a lot. I wore this cowl today (my Sweetgum design) along with my Norie hat (also purple and gold), and was struck once again how often I wear this color combo.

And knit with it. And generally surround myself with it.

knitted :: Germinate (2013 TTL Mystery Shawl)

knitted :: handspun Cladonia

knitted :: Handspun Norie
Norie (in “Broken Things”)


Norie (in “Troll”)



Double Allegheny

Double Allegheny

I just adore purple with gold. Also purple with red. Also purple with brown. (Maybe my kids are right when they say purple is my favorite color?). I also love brown and pink, brown and blue, and grey with anything.

But purple and gold is the rut I’m in at the moment. It’s a rut I don’t mind being in.

How about you? What’s your current favorite color combo?




4 thoughts on “A color combo I love : purple+gold

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