How I Find Time for Knitting

This is how:



My family has been laughing lately at how I sometimes fall asleep while knitting – and then keep knitting. Hey, when it’s just the knit stitch, it’s totally doable. My stepson’s girlfriend captured this last night – I would doze off, keep knitting, wake up a bit, keep knitting, repeat. I was tired, y’all, but I was getting some stitches in.

20140303-214450.jpgSometimes, I couldn’t keep going, and I’d pause a bit while catching some zzz’s, but one hand would still stay ready to go, for when I woke again.

It’s not a very efficient way of knitting, I’ll admit.

10 thoughts on “How I Find Time for Knitting

  1. This is so cute. I haven’t fallen asleep while doing something like reading or watching TV. I also love knitting but I haven’t been doing this for ages. 😀

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