Fashion Friday :: my favorite non-knit scarves

It took me awhile to follow the lead of my tweeps, who  have raved about Martha McQuade’s Scarfshop for a long time, but now that I have, I’m totally obsessed. I ordered my first one on Cyber Monday in November:

chocolate-y brown

chocolate-y brown

I got the square size and it’s perfect in every way. This yummy brown was November’s color of the month, from the Cotton Collection. I can’t remember the color name, but it is a gorgeous cocoa brown and I am totally in love with it.

This month’s color of the month is “Blush” – a very, very soft, subtle light pink – and I couldn’t resist it (also from the Cotton Collection). After it arrived, I realized it was lighter than I thought it was going to be, and I wasn’t sure what I thought. But once I got it on, I fell in love with it, HARD.

blush, February color of the month

blush, February color of the month

In some light, it looks more white with a hint of pink; in other light, it’s more obviously pink. This one is also the square size, and it is really an ideal shape for me. I find it super-easy to style it just right. And every time I wear this one, my husband compliments me on it – I guess the light shade perks up my face or something.

I’m obsessed with these scarves, y’all, and I want one in every shade.  I’ve got my eye on Robin’s Egg, Chartreuse, or Lavender for my next purchase. Something to give my winter wardrobe a spring-like lift. Because it doesn’t seem the weather is going to be spring-like anytime soon.

This deep in the season, what are your favorite ways for perking up your winter wardrobe?


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