Fashion Friday :: Stitch Fix Review #7

Last night, I was happily surprised to come home to a Stitch Fix* box at my door. I say “surprised,” because I didn’t get a shipping notice this time so wasn’t quite sure when it would be on its way. But there it was, and I was thrilled. So now here we are, at my seventh Stitch Fix review. If you’d like to read previous reviews, you can check them out here:

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Since my last review (in early January), I’ve gotten good wear out of the two pieces I kept from that Fix. In fact, I wore the red-and-black striped shirt from that Fix just this week, and was totally amused when Little Buddha came walking out of his room in his favorite shirt – also red-and-black striped.

mother-son matchy-matchy

mother-son matchy-matchy


Anyway, before I show you what I got, a couple of caveats. First, I don’t know WHAT is going on with my hair. Please try to ignore it and don’t tell my mom I posted pictures of myself all over the internet with my hair looking like a rat’s nest. Secondly, there’s such a huge difference in the quality of pics when I take them with my real camera (instead of with my iPhone), that I really want to make that my habit. However, I also wanted to get this review posted today, and loading pictures from my camera to my computer has become a real trial (I really need to get the 40,000 pictures from iPhoto off my hard drive) and I couldn’t have done that and gotten this review posted today. So please excuse the low-rent nature of the photos. And, as always, also excuse the mess of my bedroom and my smudgy mirror – but please to note that I did finally change the battery in my smoke alarm and close the cover!

All right, without further ado, my review.

First up, a chevron print dress. My stylist this time actually noted that she had looked at my Pinterest board and seen that I liked printed dresses. That’s the first confirmation I’ve gotten that my stylists were checking out my Pinterest – how cool! – so I better get to updating it.  At any rate, I wasn’t sure about the dress before I tried it on – the light orange and dark blue weren’t really ringing my bell – but I tried to have an open mind.

chevron print dress

chevron print dress

But no, it’s not for me. It’s just not a flattering cut for me at all – too blousy and billowy, especially up top. My Old Man said it looked “matronly.” I actually thought the opposite – I could see a much younger person, with more of a waif-like figure, pulling this off. It has an 80s vibe that might work for someone who didn’t actually live through the 80s.

While I had the dress on, I went ahead and tried on the cute little denim jacket they sent:

denim jacket

denim jacket

As you can see, it’s far too small. But I wouldn’t have kept it anyway, as I just bought a very similar denim jacket from Eddie Bauer just last spring (one that fits!). I’m glad to know that my jacket will still be on trend! My Old Man also noted that the dress looked much better with the jacket on, because it covers up the problematic parts of it (the blousy top part, the billowy part right under the belt).

Up next was this jersey top from 41Hawthorn. I’ve had good success with this line in the past (if I remember correctly, a jersey top I kept from my very first Fix was also this brand), and I was immediately in love with this deep teal (it reads in this pic as blue, but it’s more of a teal).

Milano Twist-Front Crew-Neck Top

Milano Twist-Front Crew-Neck Top

(forgive that big smudge in the mirror – it’s more of a scratch and I can’t get it to come off)

I LOVE this top!! I have nothing else like it. Love the neckline, love the fit, love the color, love that it’s jersey. This is going to be perfect for work, and will go great under jackets or with a belt on top of it.

photo 5

It’s just my style without being like anything else I already own. Definite keeper.

Next up was a dark grey a-line skirt. I haven’t had great luck with Stitch Fix skirts in the past – I haven’t kept any I’ve been sent. As someone who has sewn a lot of skirts for myself, I have high standards for store-bought skirts. Skirts are the easiest thing to make, and can be quite inexpensive, even with very nice material. So spending $60 or $70 on flimsy skirts made out of t-shirt cotton isn’t something I will ever do. If I wanted a flimsy skirt, I could make one myself for less than $10. So I was VERY pleasantly surprised to receive this:

Jordanne A-Line Skirt

Jordanne A-Line Skirt

It’s simple but perfect. The material is on the heavy side without being stiff at all – it’s perfect for winter (and fall).

side view

side view

This isn’t a great picture, but I’m trying to show the nice waist band and perfectly spaced darts. The way I’m standing makes the skirt look lumpy, but it’s not. It lays perfectly flat around the waist, and it fits great. It will work with a blouse tucked-in or a top on the outside. It’s my ideal length and I adore how it looks with my boots.

photo 3I love this skirt so hard and it fills a hole in my wardrobe – I have all kinds of black skirts of various lengths and styles for winter, but nothing grey (surprisingly) and nothing of this particular material. Love it. Keeping it.

The fifth piece I got was a pair of earrings:

mesh triangle earrings

mesh triangle earrings

(Not sure why they’re called “triangle” earrings)

Another pleasant surprise. I love these earrings! They show up so great, even in my crazy tangle of hair, and I love that they are silver, which will go with almost every other piece of jewelry I wear. And they were only $28, significantly cheaper than the last pair of earrings Stitch Fix sent me (which I nevertheless kept and have been in heavy rotation ever since). In fact, the prices of everything in my box were very reasonable. Yay! Totally keeping this earrings and can’t wait to wear them.

So in the end, I am keeping THREE items from this box – that’s the most I’ve kept so far. And I’m super-happy that everything I’m keeping is stuff I can wear for work.

Great Fix!

Great Fix!


I’m so super-pleased with this Fix, and, as usual, I will be scheduling my next Fix as soon as I can. Thank you to Megan, my stylist this time, and to all the folks at Stitch Fix for making this so fun! And thanks to you, gentle reader, for peeking inside my bedroom and withholding judgment about my mess, my mirror, and my hair.

*Stitch Fix is a personal shopping/styling service – you fill out a style questionnaire on their site so that they get a sense of your “style profile.” Then you pay a $20 “styling fee” and they hand-pick five items for you, based on your preferences. They ship the box to you, you try everything on, and then you select what, if anything, you want to keep; the $20 styling fee goes toward the cost of anything you choose. If you don’t want to keep anything, you ship everything back in the package provided (they keep the $20 styling fee). If you decide to keep everything, you get a 25% discount (minus the $20 you already paid them). I do not receive any compensation from them for reviewing my experience with them.

But I *do* get a credit towards my next Fix if you schedule a Fix for yourself via my referral link: here. If you have questions about how it works, you can see their FAQ here – and I am more than happy to answer any questions based on my experience, too.


7 thoughts on “Fashion Friday :: Stitch Fix Review #7

  1. Yay for a successful fix! I like the print for the dress, but I can see how it might be too much. The shirt is also great. I signed up for stitch fix after reading your blog but sorry I didn’t use your link because I ended up signing up a few days after I read your post. Sorry!

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