Knitted for a baby GIRL

So after eight boys in the span of eight years (just on my husband’s side – it’s been all boys on my side, too!), our family will finally be welcoming a little girl into the fold this June. My niece, who is expecting her third baby, had thought she might wait until the birth to find out the baby’s sex, but she ended up choosing to find out at her five-month ultrasound, and needless to say we are all thrilled (and we would also have been thrilled to welcome Boy #9!). My own little boys are very excited that they will have a little girl cousin at last. As Little Buddha put it, “This baby is going to be legendary in our family!”

And so, Operation All the Pink Knitting has begun over here. As soon as I got the news, I cast on for a pair of booties:

Oscar Booties

Oscar Booties

For the longest time, this pattern was my go-to baby bootie pattern, but then last year I discovered the Oh Baby! Baby Booties and knit a streak of those. I already made a pair of those, though, in green for this little baby, so I decided to go back to the Oscar bootie pattern. Obviously, I love the look of garter for baby booties.

so wee!

so wee!

You can make an i-cord tie or a single-crochet cord for Oscar Booties (which I’ve done before), but I especially love the look of a ribbon.

I made these in one of my favorite yarns for baby knits – Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport Solid, in “Whisper,” bought, as per usual from Angelika’s.

I have more plans for pink baby knits, but I’m curious – what are your favorite baby knit patterns? I have some standard go-to knits, but I’m interested to know what I might be missing out there.

can't wait to see these on sweet baby feet!

can’t wait to see these on sweet baby feet!


6 thoughts on “Knitted for a baby GIRL

  1. Some of my favorites are:
    Beyond Puerperium (
    Whirligig Shrug (
    Little Girl’s Shrug from KPS ( – this one is sized for toddlers and up but it’s easy to do a baby size with a smaller gauge

    Our extended family hasn’t welcomed a new baby in a few years, but my cousin and his wife are expecting this summer. As soon as they find out the gender I’ll be knitting some sweaters and booties, too!

  2. I did a few baby knits last October, for my niece’s first baby (boy). She liked all of them and sent me photos of him wearing them. Before that I asked a Ravelry mom I know, what baby items she liked best when she had her baby girl, and she said anything but the BSJ. She said it didn’t fit very well.

    • That’s so interesting about the BSJ! After the last one I made, I decided that maybe knitters like them more than non-knitters do. I’m not sure the modular style is really that cute to non-knitters.

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