Once more, with feeling :: Handspun Norie Hat

I made my mother-in-law a handspun hat for Christmas, at her request. It turned out great, except for the sad fact that it was way too big. So Christmas night, I frogged it and started over. I didn’t really mind knitting this thing twice, because handspun is just too much of a pleasure to begrudge any extra knitting. Next thing I knew, I was done (again).

Handspun Norie

Handspun Norie

I’m very pleased with how it turned out, and I especially love how the color transitions match up with the garter ridges so well.

20140204-084019.jpgAlmost like I manipulated it to come out that way (I confess – I did, in a couple of places).

My mother-in-law is very pleased with the hat. I haven’t yet gotten a picture of her wearing it, but it looks a little like the first version did:

20131227-110416.jpgExcept this time, it fits.


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