Fashion Friday :: Stitch Fix Review #6

On Tuesday, with more than a foot of snow on the ground and the windchill at something around -35, I received my sixth Stitch Fix* box. What a delight, on a day when I was hunkered down inside, to have the FedEx man come to my door! I’m so happy to have a chance now to write my 6th Stitch Fix Review. To see my previous reviews check them out here:

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My last review was in November, and I’ve been looking forward to receiving this Fix since then. As I’ve mentioned before, the wait time has gotten longer than when I first started last May – I’m guessing that more and more people are catching on to the funtimes provided by this cool service.

what's inside?

what’s inside?

That moment of opening the box is always so exciting! I never peek at my account ahead of time to see what’s on its way to me, so it’s always a surprise when it gets here.

first impression

first impression

My first impression was good! Love the print on this top.

I unwrapped everything and got a nice wintry vibe from the package:



I love grey, I love black, I love white. And it was fun to see the deep red and the dark teal-ish blue, too. And of course – stripes! As I’ve mentioned before, I’m trying to get more stripes in my wardrobe. At first glance, I thought this might even be my first time of keeping everything in the box (in which case you get a 25% discount on the whole thing).

I tried on the grey and white striped top first.


It’s very cute, but hard to imagine wearing anytime soon. In my climate, I just don’t wear 3/4-sleeves in the winter, even inside. Of course, I could hang on to this for late spring, but the truth is, it’s a very flimsy top, and I have one almost exactly like it – but in solid grey and with full sleeves – from Target. I got that one for less than $20; this one is $54. Not worth it.

The second piece I tried on was this adorable cardigan. I absolutely love these wide stripes and there are some sweet little details – a little gold butterfly sewn on the waist (I got a close-up but it was too blurry to use here) and these cute little buttons:

with matching collar facing

with matching collar facing

(I see now that this picture is blurry, too – oops!)

But then I tried the cardigan on.

too tight! not flattering!

too tight! not flattering!

Waah! This is the biggest bummer about Stitch Fix – if you find something you love, but it’s too small (or too big), you can’t exchange it for one that fits. You’re basically just out of luck – you can either keep what’s in your box or send it back, but you can’t get an exchange. It just doesn’t work this way. I don’t know if you can tell from that picture quite how tight it is, but I didn’t even bother buttoning the buttons where the tightness was most obvious.

I suppose I could’ve kept it and always worn it open:



But again, not worth it. I don’t want to pay good money for a cardigan I can’t properly button.

The third piece had me on the fence. It was the only one in the box that I immediately thought of as work-wear – a nice, silky-feeling, geometric-print dolman top. I could see pairing it with a silver belt and a black skirt or trousers. I’ve enjoyed the solid black dolman top I got from Stitch Fix #4, but in this case, something about it didn’t seem entirely flattering. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it…

is this a maternity shirt?

is this a maternity shirt?

So I posted a shot online asking for feedback and suddenly Twitter, Instagram, and Flickr all told me exactly what the problem was: it makes me look pregnant! This is NOT EVER the look I am going for. Yuck! Back in the box it goes.

On to the fourth piece.

striped knit v-neck

striped knit v-neck

Total winner! I loved this from the moment I put it on. I did second guess myself a bit afterwards, thinking it (like the piece #1) is a flimsy somewhat cheaply-made top. But when I tried it on for my husband, he completely agreed it was a total keeper. I absolutely adore this dark red, and the stripes are so fun. I’m really looking forward to wearing this!

And finally, the fifth item – a dress! Hooray! And it was a nice, heavy knit, perfect for winter. Only as soon as I unfolded it, I had a sinking feeling that it was going to be too tight, too short, and not flattering. Because it reminded me just a little bit of a huge fail from Stitch Fix #5:

hmm, is she pregnant or is she just dressed that way?

hmm, is she pregnant or is she just dressed that way?

But y’all! I was so wrong! The dress fit perfectly, and it wasn’t too short, and it didn’t make me look pregnant (well, as long as I don’t poke out my belly, which I try very hard not to do).

hound tooth print knit dress

houndstooth print knit dress

I LOVE THIS DRESS. It is so fun!! It does have that slight babydoll cut, since it’s got a bit of an empire waist, and those always have the possibility of looking like a maternity dress on me. But I think it works (please don’t tell me that it doesn’t, because I’ve already kept it).



I love the print, I love that it’s warm, and I love how it looks with tights and boots. I think the only thing that’s missing is maybe a deep red scarf around my neck. Wouldn’t that look good?

So I have two excellent pieces I’m keeping from this box, and I’m thrilled. I generally feel satisfied if there is just one thing in the box that I love and get a lot of wear out of; to have two such pieces is icing on the cake. And after my last box (the first time I didn’t keep a single thing), I am especially pleased. And even the ones I didn’t keep weren’t terrible – they just weren’t flattering enough to keep.


I was also really happy this time that the prices were much more reasonable (and more in line with the price parameters I set in my Style Profile) than in my last box (which had been, frankly, absurd). In truth, most of the pieces in most of the boxes are priced a bit higher than I would normally pay in a store (except in the case of the three dresses I have kept so far – they have all seemed very reasonably priced). To me, it’s a trade-off I’ve mostly been willing to make – paying higher prices for the convenience of having things picked for me and shipped to me (and the fun of having a “personal stylist” who surprises me in each box).

I’m scheduling my next fix as soon as I can. And maybe by the time it gets here, I will actually have cleaned up my bedroom and finally put batteries in the darn smoke detector (instead of leaving it open to remind me it needs batteries), so I don’t keep showing you the mess of my room in my review!

*Stitch Fix is a personal shopping/styling service – you fill out a style questionnaire on their site so that they get a sense of your “style profile.” Then you pay a $20 “styling fee” and they hand-pick five items for you, based on your preferences. They ship the box to you, you try everything on, and then you select what, if anything, you want to keep; the $20 styling fee goes toward the cost of anything you choose. If you don’t want to keep anything, you ship everything back in the package provided (they keep the $20 styling fee). If you decide to keep everything, you get a 25% discount (minus the $20 you already paid them). I do not receive any compensation from them for reviewing my experience with them.

But I *do* get a credit towards my next Fix if you schedule a Fix for yourself via my referral link: here. If you have questions about how it works, you can see their FAQ here – and I am more than happy to answer any questions based on my experience, too.


13 thoughts on “Fashion Friday :: Stitch Fix Review #6

  1. I saw the dress in Flickr and I love it!!!! It is so cute and versatile. What a fabulous print. I also love the stripes. I think the greatest thing about this service is the ability to see yourself wearing shapes or prints that you may have not considered. For example that cardigan is cute too and now you know you can look for something similar but that fits you better. Or you could knit one.

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  3. That dress is super cute on you. I got it in my September fix. Which makes me wonder why they can’t replace sizes for people. The stylist always says you can ask to exchange, but when you do, customer service says that they don’t have enough stock…which obviously isn’t true!!!

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