Advent Calendar Activity :: Day 12

Bake bread – one loaf to give to the neighbors and one loaf to keep.

A few weeks ago, representatives from King Arthur Flour went to our elementary school and taught the fourth and fifth graders to bake bread as part of their Life Skills Bread Baking Program. They sent the kids home with recipes and ingredients, and gave them an assignment to bake bread to donate to a school bake sale. My kids really enjoyed the assignment, and it was great to work on it with them. I thought it would be fun to do it again, for Advent, to keep their interest up, and also as a fun thing to give to the neighbors. We used the easy Life Skills Bread recipe from the King Arthur website.

I never baked bread until my twenties, and once I learned how, I did it often. But it’s probably been four years since I’ve baked a loaf of bread from scratch. It felt really good to do it again, especially with my kids. I know bread is kind of out-of-fashion these days, but baking it just feels so elemental – I love the physicality and rhythm of it.

And of course eating a fresh, warm slice with butter and a cup of hot tea is perfection.

3 thoughts on “Advent Calendar Activity :: Day 12

  1. I bake bread all the time, at least one or two batches every week. (so glad we’re not a gluten free household!) It’s easy and therapeutic and very cheap, much cheaper than buying from a bakery. I think it’s awesome your kids learned how to do that at school…I wonder how to get KA to come to my kids’ school now??!

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