Advent Activity Calendar :: Day 8

Y’all, this day has been long, and the night went sideways, and our Christmas tree went literally sideways when it almost crashed to the floor while we were decorating it earlier tonight, and I am keeping my December NaBloPoMo streak going by the skin of my teeth! I started a blog post (not this one) at 6:48 this morning and here it is 10:56 at night and I am just getting back here and it will not be to write the post I started earlier today about crafting fails and the art of unknitting, but to document very briefly our Advent activity from Sunday.

Create a Christmas comic or Scratch program.
(excuse the non-exciting picture)

My boys love creating comics, but lately they love computer programming (Scratch) even more. So I gave them the choice. They both selected making a program, but it takes awhile, and neither of them is done yet, which is why I took a picture of a blank screen. The end.

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