Spinning ten minutes a day keeps the stress away

Isn’t that how the saying goes? Or something like that.

After spinning hardly at all this fall, I set a goal last week of spinning at least ten minutes a day. So far, I’d say it’s working out pretty well.


That’s Hello Yarn Falkland, “Spirograph,” the August 2013 Fiber Club fiber. I spun it up fast and fat using my slow whorl, and ended up with 352 yards of thick-and-thin singles (ranging from DK to bulky). I am very, very pleased with this yarn (shown here in shots from my phone, which didn’t fully capture the squishy glory of it).

For me, the fastest way to break a spinning hiatus is by making quick and fluffy singles.

Now I’m working on a standard two-ply. It’s going well, only here’s the thing. Ten minutes a day is really hard. Because once I’ve spun for ten minutes, I honestly just want to keep going and going….

3 thoughts on “Spinning ten minutes a day keeps the stress away

  1. I stumbled across your blog on Ravelry in the Shepherd’s Wool Lovers group. I buy my Stonehedge products at Michigan Custom Boutique and Fine Yarns in Plymouth, they have a great selection, good prices ($12.99) and aren’t too far from you in AA. I think spinning must be very therapeutic, but what do you make with yarn that’s multi weight like that? It’s a beautiful skein though.

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