Spinning along

Kirsten and I decided to set ourselves a goal of spinning (at least) 10 minutes a day this month. So last night, I got to it. I actually spun for close to half an hour (it’s so hard to stop!) and then another ten minutes this morning, and BAM!

on the wheel

on the wheel

Just about finished the 4 ounces of Falkland (Hello Yarn, “Spirograph”) I’d been working on. (The fiber I posted about yesterday.)

I’m still learning my wheel, which I just got in June. This is the first time I’ve spun with the slow whorl on it, and I had a few issues with take-up (sometimes the double-drive system confounds me, even though I currently have it set up for single drive – does that make sense? I mean, there are still two adjustments that can be made – the tension wheel and the brake band – as opposed to only the one adjustment I always made with my Ladybug). Anyway. I got all these singles packed on this bobbin and I was certain I could finish up the fiber but it just would not wind on anymore – not for lack of space on the bobbin, but for lack of any take-up at all. I’m probably doing something wrong.

a wee bit left to spin

a wee bit left to spin

Anyway, I have this teeny bit of fiber to spin up on a fresh bobbin, then I’ll wash/finish this yarn and move on to the next spin. It’s always so much fun to decide what will go on the wheel next!

Of course, with all this spinning, I made no progress on my current design-in-progress. Whoops!

3 thoughts on “Spinning along

  1. Your wheel does sound complicated. I’m used to my Louet with it’s single drive band, I suspect I will struggle with the same issues you’re having when I finally get my dream Matchless. Have you found You Tube videos and other resources to help work it out?

  2. I admire your commitment. I’m not there yet, I’m hoping to get my new wheel out of layaway, but I’ve still got my majacraft rose. I spin in fits and starts.

  3. I’m glad I ran across your blog post. I had owned a cherry double treadle Schatch Matchless wheel. I finally sold it because I had SO much trouble with tension and take up in BOTH double drive and single drive/scotch tension, that filling a bobbin was and spinning anything heavier than a sport yarn was impossible. but worst of all, was plying! Shortly after I got the wheel, (this was the 40th anniversary wheel) the treadles would knock together and also on the outsides of the legs. Schatch admitted they had a design flaw and if I took the treadles off and sent back, they would rework them for free. I did, and they didn’t knock together anymore, but they did hit the outside legs. After awhile they came up with a new part to purchase and attach to the treadle bar for the fix. I had wondered if anyone else had tension/take up problems as well. Especially on the cherry wheel. I found cherry wood is lighter in weight than maple, so wondered if that had anything to do with it. Anyway, letting you know it’s not you with the tension/take up problem. There is probably a fix, but I have other nice wheels, so didn’t mess with this one after 2 years.

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