making yarn, while waiting for yarn

Last night I got to this point in the Smitten-making:

That’s 8 red mittens, 8 white mittens, and 1.9 green mittens. 1.9, y’all. Argh. I ran out with only three rounds left to go. Over the last several days, I’ve looked everywhere for Patons Merino in Cloverleaf, which I think is what I had been using for the green mittens, and I can’t find it (maybe it’s been discontinued?). I’ve ordered some Cascade 220 in Primavera in hopes that it will match up pretty well. It should get here tomorrow, so we’ll see.

So while I’m waiting for the yarn to arrive, I decided to do a little spinning – something I think I haven’t done since early October. I knew I had been missing spinning, but WOW, spinning again made me realize how much I had missed it.

I got up early, as I usually do, and first I did a little non-Smitten-knitting, and then I got on the wheel and it was just aaaaaahhhhhh, so good. Spinning is just such a great way to start the day. I mean, so is knitting, no doubt. But somehow with spinning, I feel like it’s this great ramp-up for my mind as I get ready for the day. Something about treadling just makes my mind start humming in a way that is both meditative and energized. Does that make sense? I don’t know, it does to me.

Anyway, before long, I was done plying the yarn that had been sitting on my wheel all these weeks, and into the bath she went.


I love finishing yarn (i.e., soaking it, squeezing it, snapping it, thwacking it, hanging it to dry, and then coming by every couple of hours to admire it).

This is pre-bath:
2.3 oz Hello Yarn Panda in “Villain,” 154 yards chain-plied light worsted, to finish up a project I’ve been working on. I love this fiber, I’m happy with the yarn, and I’m excited to finally finish up this project!

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