I tried, I’m trying :: legwarmers, out and about

So you guys have some opinions on legwarmers, eh? As I mentioned in that post, I typically wear mine under my jeans, but your enthusiastic input made me decide to try something I haven’t done since middle school. I wore my legwarmers on the outside, showing.

I was wearing flats today and thought the legwarmers would help keeps my ankles warm on this chilly day. In terms of warmth, they were great (of course).

Stylewise, I wasn’t totally sure:
They are so bright! They are so striped! They are so mismatched! These are all the reasons I love them, of course. I’m just not sure I can pull them off regularly. But I tried, I’m trying, to expand my style sensibility, bit by bit.

Truth is, I’d like to knit myself a few more pairs….

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