Fashion Friday :: styling a spring sweater for fall

When I first bought the yarn (The Plucky Knitter Plucky Sweater in “Chlorophyll”) for my Cape Cod last April, I had in mind a sweater for cool spring/summer nights. The gorgeous lime green just screams “spring” to me, and I was imagining pairing it with a white cami, white capri pants, and sandals.

But then I didn’t finish the sweater until right around Labor Day – just in time for fall! The cool fall weather has actually been perfect for this sweater, but I needed to reimagine how to style outfits around it. Inspired by seeing the musical “Wicked” on Broadway in early October, I realized exactly what I needed to pair with this sweater:
black shirt, black corduroy A-line skirt (handmade), grey tights, black boots


Boom! A fall ensemble.

I’m pretty happy with the combo.

I’m pretty happy that corduroy-wearing/boot-wearing/sweater-wearing weather is here, too!
(all pictures taken by Little Buddha, 9 years old)

What else would you pair with a lime green sweater to make it appropriate for fall or winter?

And how do you transition some of your favorite warm weather pieces into a more autumnal mode?

13 thoughts on “Fashion Friday :: styling a spring sweater for fall

  1. Wow, beautiful sweater! I love the color! I always want to pair green with purple although it might be challenging to find the right shade of purple for that particular shade of green. But not matter what you wear it with, that sweater is going to stand out and be noticed!

  2. I love how you put it all together! I’ve also noticed people putting brown with that shade of green quite a bit. I think someone already said it though…no matter what you put it with, that sweater is going to stand out. It’s beautiful!!

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