designed :: Corktown Slouch

Earlier this year, one of my most-loved handspun hats met with a sad demise. So when Sweet Sheep sent me some of her gorgeous handspun as part of a 13 in 2013 Tour de Fleece giveaway, I knew exactly what I wanted to make with it.

boom, a hat

boom, a hat

Inspired by the hat I was replacing (Felicity), I wanted to create a simple slouch with bulky yarn and an intentionally-loose fit, even at the brim, in order to accommodate maximum hair volume and corkscrew curls. This hat stays on your without squashing down your mane. (If you prefer a tighter fit, go down two needle sizes for the first two inches of the hat.)

a hat for big-haired people

a hat for big-haired people

I made this hat right after returning home from a week spent doing volunteer work in the neighborhoods of Detroit. I’ve lived 45 minutes from the D for more than a decade, but I’ve never spent much time there. The week I spent there this summer introduced me to the city in a new way, and I totally fell in love with it.

Detroit Hustles Harder

Detroit Hustles Harder

I named this design for the oldest neighborhood in Detroit – Corktown, home to Slow’s Bar B Q, urban farms, the historic (and abandoned) Michigan Central Station, and, formerly, Tiger Stadium. Founded by Irish immigrants after the potato famine, Corktown is considered by many to be one of the most up-and-coming neighborhoods in the country, a charming community with a vibrant scene for food, culture, and entertainment.
The Corktown Slouch is a simple design with a laid-back feel; it would be equally at home in the barbecue kitchen, on the urban farm, or out on the streets of Motor City.

Though I first designed the hat with handspun, I also whipped up one in some Plucky Knitter Plucky Rustic in a particularly luscious fall gold. It took less than a skein (roughly 125 yards).

in Plucky Rustic, "Princess Phone"

in Plucky Rustic, “Princess Phone”

Though this one is made at the same bulky gauge (3.5sts/inch), it has a looser feel overall (the yarn is aran weight, whereas the handspun I used was a true bulky). I like both fits.

perfect amount of slouch

perfect amount of slouch

I’m keeping the purple one for myself (are you surprised? I mean, it’s purple), but I have other plans for the gold (more on that in another post).

front view

front view

Now that the days have turned cool, I’ve been getting lots of wear out of my new favorite hat. I seriously love how the handspun (made from Funky Carolina BFL in “LaStrange”) striped out.

(nothing beats a handspun hat, am I right?)

This is such a fast and easy knit, perfect to kickstart your holiday gift-knitting. It truly could not be simpler to knit. There’s almost nothing to it (except for a little shaping) which is why I’m offering it for free.

fall is for handknits

fall is for handknits

Download the pattern on Ravelry, and don’t hesitate to contact me with questions.


One thought on “designed :: Corktown Slouch

  1. I live and grew up in Detroit suburbs and have a daughter at U of M with hair that looks a lot like yours (gorgeous!) so I LOVE this post and the positive words about Detroit! I think I’m going to make that cute slouch for her…

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