yarns I have loved :: Stonehedge Fiber Mill Shepherd’s Wool Worsted (including a wee destash)

(edited to add :: yarn has been claimed)

My lovely local yarn shop closed earlier this year, which is sad for many reasons, but one of the things I miss most about it is shopping there for Stonehedge Fiber Mill Shepherd’s Wool yarn. It was at this shop that I first discovered this Michigan-made yarn, and it is a treasure – a soft, strong 3-ply merino that comes in a beautiful assortment of colors, in skeins of 250 yards. I had never heard of it when I discovered it at my local yarn shop a few years ago, and at the time it was selling for a little less than $10/skein. The first thing I ever knit with it was this mitten:
365.318 - I wasn't supposed to need mittens in April
(yeah, that’s right, I said mitten, not mittens because I never did get around to making its match.)

I love this yarn so much. In addition to being soft and strong, it’s got great stitch definition; cables really pop in it.
designed :: Shameless Cowl
My entire Shameless collection is designed in this yarn.

I’ve been coming up with a fun conceptual knitting project that required some yarn I didn’t I already have. I ordered an assortment.
Mmm, love this classic White.

The problem is, since I can’t buy it locally anymore, I have to pick colors based on how they look on the computer screen. That usually works out fine for me, but this time I made an error. I wanted a deep blue, so I ordered Navy.
But it is a very deep, dark blue, almost a black-blue – darker than it looks in this picture. (little known fact about me: when I take those color-blindness tests, I test almost color blind for discerning the difference between dark blue and black). I thought I was going to be able to make this work for my project, but alas, I am not. With the other colors in the project, it is reading as black instead of dark blue.

So I’m offering it up to you, dear reader. This yarn now retails for $13. I paid that, plus shipping. I’m looking to destash this for $10 total, with shipping included. If you haven’t tried this yarn yet, now’s your chance! It would look great as a man’s cabled hat, or as a nice soft pair of mittens. At 250 yards in a skein, it’s actually enough for a hat and mitt set, depending on the patterns.

If you’re interested, leave me a comment or message me. I would love for this beautiful, squishy yarn to find a good home. (edited to add :: yarn has been claimed)

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