Gale Zucker’s Rhinebeck Style :: now a video, soon a book

It’s cold and rainy here today, which is perfect knitting weather so I’m not complaining. But I’m hoping that my knitty friends at the Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck are enjoying clear skies (and fried artichokes). I inaugurated the weekend with warm cinnamon sugar doughnuts from the Dexter Cider Mill, so that I could be at Rhinebeck in spirit.

Am I still going on about Rhinebeck and how I wish I were there? Yes, dear reader, I am.

Speaking of Rhinebeck, have you seen photographer Gale Zucker’s most recent blog post? In 2010 and 2012, she was at the Sheep and Wool Festival inviting people to pose in their handknits for what has become a really cool photo project. She’s turned that project into a book! The book isn’t quite ready yet, but in the meantime, she’s assembled this really cool video sneak peek:
(If the video doesn’t show up, try this link:
My crew and I are shown in the last minute of the video. (If you watch closely, you’ll even get a glimpse of me in the walking cast I was sporting for my broken ankle!)

Watching the video actually brought tears to my eyes – it’s such a joyful feeling to see so many amazing people wearing beautiful handknits that they crafted themselves. As Gale writes, “It … feels like a home movie. For a very large & covered-in-knitwear family.” That it does. I’m very happy to be a part of this family.

I hope wherever you are this weekend – whether at the Duchess County Fairgrounds or at home or elsewhere (or in front of Game 6 of the MLB ALCS tonight, as I will be) – you have a lovely, yarn-filled time.

2 thoughts on “Gale Zucker’s Rhinebeck Style :: now a video, soon a book

  1. What a cool video. I think it captures a lot of what Rhinebeck feels like. (And I’m in it!) I went to the festival today, and it was a beautiful sunny day that was just chilly enough to need a sweater. I hope you’ll be able to make it back next year.

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