Fashion Friday :: the sweater dress

O Rhinebeck, I am so sad not to be in you this weekend. I will miss being with so many wonderful knitty friends, and seeing all the wool and fiber, and petting all the animals, and eating all the fair food. Those of you who are going to be there, I hope you have a fantastic time! (I know you will)

I’ve gotten to go to Rhinebeck twice, once in 2010 (when I broke my ankle the day before leaving town, and had to ride around the fairgrounds on a motorized scooter and meet people from below eye level and basically be in unremitting pain all weekend – and yet! it was still fun!) and once in 2011. Last year, I couldn’t get away due to my doctoral studies and this year I just can’t afford the time away due to work, family, and the fact that I have already been gone so much this year. I do hope to get back there sometime (next year?), because it really is a lovely and magical experience.

For Rhinebeck 2011, I did something I hadn’t done before (and haven’t done since – YET). I knitted a dress. A babycocktails design, it was a completely yummy experience. I made it out of Plymouth Tweed (discontinued within a month of my falling in love with it), in a delicious autumn gold:
knitted :: Allegheny

This is Allegheny, from the first volume of Brooklyn Tweed’s Wool People.

Man, I love this dress. It looks so great with purple tights and my chocolate boots:
knitted :: Allegheny

And the cable-y detail is just perfection:
knitted :: Allegheny

And the fun thing is that once I got to Rhinebeck, I discovered that one of my housemates, the gorgeous and amazing Elspeth, had also knit an Allegheny for Rhinebeck! Do you know what is even more fabulous than walking around Rhinebeck in a babycocktails-designed handknit tweedy fall dress? Walking around with this gorgeous creature in her own version of the same dress. To wit:
(photo by Kirsten Kapur, used with permission)

We hadn’t planned on matching, but once we realized we’d made the same dress, Elspeth threw on some yellow tights and I threw on a purple scarf (my handspun Damson, actually a shawlette), so we could just be full-on color-coordinated. We had a hilarious and wonderful time.
candid :: Allegheny, side view

Sigh. I am missing my housemates, and my carmates, and seeing all the wonderful fiber-type friends this weekend.

But I digress! This post is about fashion! It is about the knitted dress! A thing I had never made before, because I was always scared of the stretch factor (because who wants to spend all that time knitting only to have something that ends up with a saggy bottom?), and I was also not sure I would wear it. But I do wear this one, very much. And it has held its shape right well. Which makes me wonder, why haven’t I made another one?

This pattern was wonderful, and it truly didn’t take much more time than knitting a sweater. For awhile I had thought I might design a knitted dress myself, but for now the design I had in mind is still locked in my mind, bumping around with all my other un-knit and un-released ideas.

And what about you? Have you ever knitted a dress? Would you? What do you think of the concept in general, and have you seen any knit dress patterns in the last couple of years that really caught your eye?

(By the way, I have scheduled my next Stitch Fix! It won’t come until next month – waaah – but I’m looking forward to it. Have any of the rest of you received and/or reviewed any new Fixes?)

7 thoughts on “Fashion Friday :: the sweater dress

  1. That’s beautiful. I love that gold color (wish I could wear it!)
    I’ve never knitted a dress because I just don’t wear dresses. I do like tunic-length sweaters with skinny jeans or leggings, though, which is kind of close.
    Did you see Ossel
    in the most recent Twist Collective? I love that one – I want to knit it as a tunic, not a whole dress.

  2. Yes, I did get a stitch fix. I bought one item. I have one scheduled for next month, too. I hope you got your referral credit. 🙂

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