making a plan :: knitting for kids

have yarn, will knit

have yarn, will knit

I just checked to see how long it’s been since I finished a sweater for either of my sons. And wow, it’s been awhile. That’s about to change, as I’m gearing up to accomplish something I’ve not yet managed – knitting a sweater for each of them in the same season. The problem with knitting for kids is that if you aren’t quick enough with the knitting, the sweater you planned no longer fits them when you’re done! I’m hoping that this time, I will be motivated enough to Get. It. Done.


I stashed yarn for a sweater for Tiny Dancer when Plymouth Tweed was on a closeout a couple of years ago, and I pulled it out today. I asked him what he thought of the color, and this is what he did:

yarn sniffer

yarn sniffer

Oh, the sweetness. He learned that from me, years ago. I always sniff yarn. I LOVE the smell of yarn (especially if it’s got that little hint of vinegar in it). And Tiny Dancer has been following suit since he was in preschool.
I dug this old picture out to show him as proof:
YIP.4.10 - fabric sniffer
There he is at four years old, applying the yarn-sniffing principle to fabric – he interrupted me while I was sewing, to ask if he could smell the fabric. I was happy to oblige, and it still makes me smile whenever I see him stop to smell the textiles.

He held the yarn I’ve picked for his sweater and he sighed a great sigh and said with satisfaction, “Yarn smells so good.” And then my heart burst a little bit.

Surely with that kind of enthusiasm from the recipient, I can manage to stay on task and get this sweater knit in a timely manner, right?

I’ve got a little colorwork in mind to keep things interesting:

Plymouth Tweed

Plymouth Tweed

I still need to procure the third color I want to go with these two, which is a little bit of a challenge since it’s discontinued. But I’m optimistic (and can be resourceful if I can’t get exactly what I have in mind). I’ll be swatching soon, and I’m excited to get going!

this boy deserves a sweater

this boy deserves a sweater

9 thoughts on “making a plan :: knitting for kids

  1. I have some Plymouth Tweed (I knit a colorwork sweater a few years ago) and would be glad to figure out if there’s a color that would work for your son’s sweater. Please get in touch!

  2. Oh I WISH my kids would wear sweaters I knit for them. At age 5 and 7 they have already Gotten Over It. They still wear socks and mittens I make, happily. I’m glad your children still love hand knits!

  3. I would love to get a sweater made for both of my guys in the same year. I got vests done for their first Christmas but that’s as close as I’ve come. Maybe this can be the year for me, too. I love those colors and hope you find a third that works! I have some brown, but that won’t help you in the green department. 🙂

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